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AMBROSINI JEWELS. Because style is in the details.

Ambrosini Jewels are result of a careful details’ study. All strictly MADE IN ITALY.
The new line, dedicated to daily object,
is undoubtedly a brilliant idea ofAmbrosini Milano
Jewel become a
precious details, but without taking ourselves too seriously. Colourful, fresh and at the same time sophisticated and valuable,
Ambrosini Milano's creations reflect the company's philosophy, it is attentive to the needs of its clientele and mindful of market changes, while solidly based on over a decade's experience in the field.

The idea is to find the perfect combination of craftsmanship and technology, quality and freshness, compliance with the great Italian jewelry-making tradition, and a desire to give the public jewelry that is worlds apart from the standardized mass-market proposals. Thanks to its own in-house designers who draw inspiration from everyday life, ensuring on the one side quality, outstanding customer service, a selection of key distributors such as WWT, while on the other keeping an eye on contemporary style and modern trends.

All these important components permitted the creation of cheerful and original items such as CUP pendants, ICICLE earrings, twins and many other colorful jewels.

The cool symbol of summer becomes a jewel heralded in a festival of colors. Small object dedicated to who wants wear a great personality jewels. Most of them have sapphires, diamonds, rubies and t-savorites mounted on pink, yellow or white gold or on silver.

Original CUP pendants are not only a jewels but also an instrument to be used to communicate personality: a sweet puppy or the imprint of a paw for pet lovers, a heart to show its affection, a star because the way you drive under the sign of luck or even a shoe for the most romantic or for those who never loses view of elegance.

The elegant and original Ambrosini Jewels’ touch id done by SPOONS line: greedy small spoons as if secretly dipped into a tasty honeypot. The jewel's uniqueness is reflected in the gourmet gift it comes with: a truly special jam will delight your taste buds with strong hints of pear and cinnamon, with the tantalizing combination of strawberry and orange.

Ambrosini elegance cannot miss into its packaging: a wooden box and the opalescent icy white of the lid, the original packaging reminiscent of icicles comes to life; a truly unique packaging for a special jewel.